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Test Suite vs Test Plan Software Quality Assurance & Testing Stack Exchange

Content Product Test-suite Definition Examples How to Create Test Suite? Test Architecture: A Holistic Look at Application Testing Dictionary Entries Near suite More Definitions of Test Suite Normally the test cases are grouped as per the sequence of the life cycle of an application and in some scenarios, test cases of similar scope of operations […]

What is a Prototype? A prototype is an early sample, model by Virginia Ramírez NYC Design

Content High-Fidelity and Low-Fidelity Prototyping Website Prototyping Software: To Build Prototypes For Free! Types of Prototyping Models Disadvantages of website prototyping App Prototyping: 8 Most Common Methods & Best Practices Setting a prototype What is prototyping? Share with project owners and clients A common prototyping approach is to get the basic navigation elements down before […]

Understanding $scope chaining in AngularJS by Ayush Thakur Medium

Contents Scope AngularJS Extends HTML A Step-by-Step Tutorial for Your First AngularJS App Understanding Angular 2 Components for AngularJS Devs The model is now bound to a property of the parent scope (because $parent is a child scope property that references the parent scope). Note that we can access the parent scope objects if we […]