15 Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks to Your WordPress Site

How To Get Backlinks Like An Seo Pro

Promote your content and business’s products or services through posts on social. If you’re planning to do guest blogging at scale, you will likely be doing it through link-building agencies. And the agencies will place your texts literally anywhere they can or via whoever their partners are, and these are mostly content farms.

How To Get Backlinks: 10+ Ways That Really Work – Search Engine Journal

How To Get Backlinks: 10+ Ways That Really Work.

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Some of these methods are easy, some are more difficult. Searching for opportunities as much as possible can be difficult, but worth it. There are many different ways you can get backlinks.

Build relationships

Email everyone who might be interested, asking them to share it with their own audiences. Since they are engaging, readers love to share them which means that content distributors love to use them. And push you toward your goal of 100 links this month. The bad part about leveraging social signals is that it can take a long time to manually set up all of those accounts on different platforms and make sure they are aligned.

  • If there are too many websites to pitch, go to the Websites tab to see the top 100 websites by traffic.
  • Email outreach is the process of reaching out to key figures and site owners via email and requesting a backlink.
  • Once your list is finalized, write a short pitch to the blog author letting them know why your product or service deserves a spot on their list.
  • This TaxSlayer review article from NerdWallet thoroughly explains the financial company’s pricing structure and key features.
  • Find a client’s before-and-after success story, write it up with tons of visuals and statistics, and publish on your site (with client’s consent of course).

Then use the list to reach out to these websites and introduce your skyscraper content. Explain to them how your post is better and encourage them to give your post a backlink.

Free SEO Tools

Stockist links come from companies whose products you stock and sell. These links are easy to get if you stock products from companies that list stockists on their websites. A link gap analysis reveals the How To Get Backlinks Like An Seo Pro websites linking to multiple competitors, but not you. It’s often easy to replicate these links because if someone’s linking to multiple competitors, it might make sense for them to link to you too.

Guest blogging allows your business to build your backlink profile organically by inserting links to your own resources, studies, and more, where applicable and relevant. Sending bloggers free products or free trials to services is fairly easy to do and many businesses find success with this method of influencer marketing. It will usually mean a guaranteed backlink for your website if the blogger or influencer agrees to review the product or service free as content for their followers. Share the content from your site in social media marketing posts. When any of your followers like it or share your posts, your business has a greater chance of being discovered by new customers. There’s also a chance that a follower or influencer may like it and choose to give your content a backlink from their own sites and social media. Plus, since e-books are usually published as PDFs, they are easy to link to and can be shared quickly and easily via social media and email marketing.

Analyze existing referral traffic

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer – Shows you all links of any website or URL with an option to sort and filter them by many important SEO metrics. Google Alerts – Notifies you whenever a specific word or phrase was mentioned on a newly published page. Which is a great way https://www.wave-accounting.net/ to source quality link prospects. Ahrefs’ Free Backlink Checker – Shows top 100 links pointing at any website or URL. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools – Shows all links pointing at your own website already and lets you sort and filter them by many important SEO metrics.

How To Get Backlinks Like An Seo Pro

You should avoid or get rid of these because they could nullify your whole SEO efforts. A lot of people get to a position where they sort of fear taking any step because they fear that they could all lead in the wrong direction. It’s got to have money and organic traffic coming in every month, and it’s got to be trying to actively pursue new clients every month . Before we get into how to create a backlink or two, let us first talk about the importance of budgeting for getting links to your website. It is much easier to get the attention of the top blogs in your niche when you have a solid portfolio of published content on slightly smaller blogs. Here at Ahrefs Blog, we have a “write for us” page, inviting our readers to contribute a guest article for us.

Along with written text, you use infographics to secure backlinks for your website. In Semrush, you can filter the Backlinks report of your competitor. Under the different options listed under Backlinks, check the box for Lost. And if they have a link from a forum, you can also create a profile in that forum and try to earn a backlink. Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn’t provide an outbound links report out of the box.

You also have full control over them—unlike external backlinks. If it makes sense for you to create something similar, head back to Content Explorer, hit the caret, and click through to the Backlinks report. You’ll see all of the pages and sites linking to the dead page, which you can pitch your replacement link to once your content goes live.

What Are Considered High-Quality Backlinks?

If you review the 7 characteristics of quality backlinks above, you’ll see that the following types of backlinks don’t qualify. LinkMiner gives you the option to find backlinks from all its 9-trillion-backlinks database, or search only the newest data, to limit the search to 30 days old links. The “Lost” option helps you find deleted backlinks and get the opportunity to replace your competitors. To keep your focus on the links that matter, LinkMiner offers you to save the best finds into a list. You can save the most relevant backlinks and get back to them whenever you want. SEO Spyglass reportedly has the biggest link database of all known tools.

  • You’re offering a quality piece of content in exchange for an opportunity to link to your website from it.
  • But low-quality backlinks can damage your rankings and reputation.
  • 36% of SEO experts think the title of a post is the most important element.
  • Since they are engaging, readers love to share them which means that content distributors love to use them.
  • Keep in mind that it’s important for your guest posts to be published on high-authority websites.